About the Artist

Jessica Lynn Rohr is a fine artist from the Appalachian foothills of Warsaw, Ohio, who specializes in imaginative realism, fantasy, and surreal art. Her art is inspired by mythology, nature, emotion, music, and anything that catches her mind’s eye, with her ideas being conveyed through various creatures, animals, and symbolic elements. Her style plays heavily on clean, intricate details, vivid colors, and flowing, organic stylization.

Coming from an artistic family and having had a love of art since she could first hold a pencil, she is self-taught as an artist and has over 15 years of experience painting. Although she originally got her start in acrylic, she now works in watercolor, a medium she loves for its glow, quirkiness, and spontaneity. She often combines it with colored pen-and-ink, white gouache and gel pen, metallic acrylic, and mixed media elements to create unique and original pieces.

In addition to selling her art online, Jessica also attends numerous art shows and festivals throughout Ohio. She is co-owner of Mindscapes Studio & Gallery in Zanesville, Ohio, and a founding member of the Coshocton County Artist Collective.


My art is an extension of my inner self, a medium that allows me to channel the inner workings of my mind into a physical painting. It’s important to me to allow my creativity to forge its own path, to not be bound by rules and labels, and to challenge myself to keep my art growing and evolving.

Each painting is born from a spark of inspiration, and that spark can be triggered by anything – external or internal. Possibilities lie all around – in nature’s infinite variety of shapes and textures; symbolic or mental images conjured by emotions, music, or dreams; or even a man-made structure succumbing to time’s interminable pull.

Just as the source of inspiration can vary from painting to painting, so too can the meaning behind it. Sometimes the meaning is rooted in whatever inspired the painting – I’ll begin with a concept and build an image around it. Other times it’s the exact opposite – I’ll begin with an image, and the meaning will come later.

With my art, I endeavor to capture all these things, to offer a glimpse into the fantastic, the surreal, and the places that exist beyond the grey curtain of reality.


  • 2019 Y-Bridge Arts Festival Best of Show Competition: First Place for “The Ascension of the Sun”
  • 2018 FOOT-by-FOOT (Four) Art Show: Second Place for “Festival of the Dogwood”
  • 2017 Coshocton Art Prize: Honorable Mention & People’s Choice Awards (Collective Body of Work)
  • 2017 Salt Fork Arts & Crafts Festival: Emily Award (Collective Body of Work)
  • 2016 Coshocton County Fair: Best of Show for “A Price to Pay”
  • 2016 Y-Bridge Arts Festival Best of Show Competition: Honorable Mention for “A Price to Pay”
  • 2004-2016 Coshocton County Fair: 17 First Places, 11 Second Places, 5 Third Places
  • 2013 Pomerene Center for the Arts Annual Show: Tie for First Place for “Where the Water Turns to Crystal”
  • 2006 Appalachian Women Juried Art Show, Painting Category: Best of Show for “Deep in the Forest”